Lughnassadh Song: The Land Claims a Sovereign

This song was written for the recent Stone Creed Grove Lughnassadh celebration, as a way of honoring the standard heroic story that Lugh exemplifies, but this time from a different perspective than the usual one. What has changed here is that the hero is almost passive in his participation in the events, while the powers of the land (e.g. Morrigan) are testing him in various ways to ensure that he is actually worthy of taking on the burdens of rulership.

Song: "Power" by John Hall

With the passage of Ohio's H.B. 6, bailing out unprofitable nuclear power plants at the expense of Ohio residents and renewable power subsidies, it seemed time to revive a song from the anti-nuclear movement of the late 1970's and early 1980's. John Hall's "Power" ended up among the best-known songs of the effort, and I'm proud to say that some of the activists I grew up around, including members of my family, were part of preventing further construction of nuclear fission plants by driving up the costs with both legal and illegal protests.

Midsummer Song: Summer Schottische

This song was written for the upcoming Stone Creed Grove Midsummer celebration, with the focus on the agricultural activities of the summer. This seemed appropriate as I was out sweating in the garden one day prepping beds for vegetables: That kind of digging in the dirt makes you appreciate the cycles of life quite thoroughly.

Beltaine Song: Purify the Folk

This song was written for the upcoming Stone Creed Grove Beltaine (May day) celebration, with the focus on both the Good Neighbors / Otherkin / Sidhefolk, and the practice of driving humans and cattle between fires to purify and strengthen them for the coming season.

The False Security of Fortress Mentality

People want to stay safe from harm. It's one of our basic drives of all biology: Survive, at all costs. This drive to survive is so overwhelming that to be in an environment where you think that your survival might be at risk will override your ability to think about anything else ... including things that are a greater threat to your survival than the things you are concerned about.