Sheet Music: The Warrior's March

Continuing the series of sheet music for some of the songs I've written and performed over the years. All songs here are distributable via the terms of Creative Commons 3.0 Non-Commercial Share-Alike: In short, feel free to perform it, or modify it, or share it but if you're going to make money from it we need to talk.

Theories of Magic: Magical Gravity

To recap what we've covered so far: Reality is not proveably mechanistic, that is responding only to physically perceivable changes. It seems to respond to perception of reality. Those perceptions can then be changed by changing a person's belief about what they perceive, and this is the task of magic. Some beliefs are harder to maintain then others.

Modern Contemplation of the Runes: Ansuz

AnsuzMouth is the chieftain of all speech
mainstay of wisdom, comfort to wise ones,
for every noble earl hope and happiness.

Theories of Magic: Difficulty of Belief

Climbing a difficult mountain

Modern Contemplation of the Runes: Thurisaz

ThurisazThorn is most sharp, for every thane
who graps it, it is harmful, exceeding cruel
To every man who rests among them.