About the Author

Vell, Thexalon's just zis guy, y'know?

OK, you probably wanted more than that if you bothered to click on this, so some more specifics:

Thexalon's pagan credentials largely come from his association with Ar nDriacht Fein. He has been the Scribe of Cleveland OH-based Stone Creed Grove since 2013, managing their website, newsletter, and business minutes, as well as regularly running rituals. For ADF's international organization, he serves as the secretary of both the Hellenic Kin and the Bardic Guild.

Thexalon also has an extensive musical background. He is classically trained as a composer by way of the Oberlin Conservatory, with pieces for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, choral groups, wind bands, and orchestras, and has performed classical works on instruments ranging from trombone to violin. As a folk performer, he focuses on instrumental playing for the contra-dance community, leading many of the contra-dance bands in the northeast Ohio region. And among pagan folk, he is known for accordion-accompanied original songs and parodies, poetry, and stories.

Thexalon makes his living as a freelance software developer.