Sheet Music: Homage a Robert Glenn


Continuing the series of sheet music for some of the songs I've written and performed over the years. All songs here are distributable via the terms of Creative Commons 3.0 Non-Commercial Share-Alike: In short, feel free to perform it, or modify it, or share it but if you're going to make money from it we need to talk.

This is an instrumental dance tune in honor of a bandmate and friend who was for decades a leading fiddler playing this style of music in northeast Ohio. A reel, such as this one, is defined by:

  • 32 measures of 4/4 (common) time, or sometimes written as 2/2 cut time.
  • Played rather quickly, typically around 110 bpm for dancing but up to 140 bpm for performance.
  • Rapid streams of eighth notes, so that the individual notes begin to smear together and present themselves more as an ongoing melodic line.
  • A pounding beat, to help keep the dancer's feet going.

This is more specifically written in the French-Canadian style that was Bob's preferred choice to play. French-Canadian tunes tend to be in major keys, use scales, and emphasize simple I-IV-V harmonies that can be varied on by skilled players. A good example of the style is a tune that this one can often be paired with, Hommage a Edmond Parizeau:

So, without further ado, here is Hommage a Robert Glenn:

Sheet Music

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