Celtic Songs for All Seasons


I've been working on recording a bunch of my songs into what I hope will one day become my debut album. This portion of the collection is intended as suitable for ADF ritual focused on Irish hearth cultures, although many songs will work just fine for other hearth cultures, and some don't mention anything culture-specific.

There may also eventually be an accompanying book for those who like their songs in dots-on-a-page form for easier performance.

In case this becomes relevant: All songs are copyrighted by yours truly. You are granted use of them under the terms of Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International, which in simple form means that you're totally fine if you want to sing them for no pay at rituals and/or festivals, and are free to change the words or tune to suit, but I'd appreciate it if you let the world know that I wrote the songs and/or made the recordings, and if you're trying to earn money from them in some way we need to talk.

So, without further ado, here's demo versions for your listening pleasure, while I work out what will be involved in getting into a real studio with someone who knows what they're doing in charge of editing and producing:

  1. Listen, Children of Earth

  2. Honored Ancestors Among Us
  3. Voice of the Wise
  4. Party on the Other Side

    Winter Solstice
  5. The Sun Will Return Again
  6. The Winter Warmth

  7. Child of Fire
  8. Give Us the Brighter Days
  9. Three Flames

    Spring Equinox
  10. The Cocoon Opens
  11. Salvation in the Trees
  12. Sow the Seeds of Rebirth
  13. The Spring Planting

  14. The Sidhe-Folk's Tree
  15. The Magic of the Land
  16. The Greening of Aine

    Summer Solstice
  17. The Summer Comes
  18. The Sunflower

  19. Hero of Heroes
  20. Celebration of the Blessing
  21. The Sun Sets

    Fall Equinox
  22. Claim the Harvest
  23. Fruit of Fertile Fields

  24. The Blessed Draught
  25. Bonus Track: Smooth Ritual
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