Beltaine Song: Underneath the Mounds

It's time for another song! This one is focused on the Sidhe-folk, literally the people of the mounds. What they are is confusing at best to us humans, but they're a clearly important group of beings in Irish lore and thus worthy of honoring with song in this a season where they are traditionally given extra attention. Plus, I was seeking to capture a bit of the healthy fear involved in approaching these beings, since they aren't exactly friendly to most people.

Spring Equinox Song: We Walk Upon Her Body

This spring equinox, both I and the group I'm a part of have decided to focus on the wonderous Earth Mother in all her glory. Whatever you call her, this time of year is always a great time to think about her amazing beauty, especially as the plants start to wake up, and water, soil, and sun make their magic happen in the form of early spring flowers and seed germinating as we get ready for planting.

Imbolg Song: Brighid of the Triple Blessings

In the season of Imbolg, it is cold, it is snowy, but there's also clear signs that spring will be coming soon. There is more sunlight each day, which makes for signs of hope. But the snow and cold also keep you indoors, making this a good time for celebrating hearth and home. Which, conveniently, the Irish goddess Brighid absolutely is a present part of, so this is designated, at least in our local calendar, her birthday, a fitting time of in-gathering and preparation for the coming year.

Yule Song: The Longest Night

It's the season of Yuletide once again, a time of darkness and dreary weather, but also a time when we look to the sun for hope that she'll survive another year's chase around the fire and thus signal that we'll also survive. Which, so far we have, but with pandemics striking people down it's good to remember how lucky we are.

Samhain Song: The Sea of Compassion

The late fall season is upon us. The last bit of crops have been brought in, I've been busily winterizing my house in preparation for the deep cold of winter, and there is a sense of the world dying as it turns towards darkness. As is typical for modern pagan types, this leads to a focus in this season on our beloved dead, particularly those who have been lost in the last year, and hence the main idea of this song is our friends' souls heading off to join the others who have gone. In many mythologies, the place where they're headed is somewhere across the ocean or sea, and they are bringing with them all they learned in this life, and the song calls to them in the hopes that they can teach future people what they know.