Beltaine Song: Purify the Folk

This song was written for the upcoming Stone Creed Grove Beltaine (May day) celebration, with the focus on both the Good Neighbors / Otherkin / Sidhefolk, and the practice of driving humans and cattle between fires to purify and strengthen them for the coming season.

The False Security of Fortress Mentality

People want to stay safe from harm. It's one of our basic drives of all biology: Survive, at all costs. This drive to survive is so overwhelming that to be in an environment where you think that your survival might be at risk will override your ability to think about anything else ... including things that are a greater threat to your survival than the things you are concerned about.

Spring Equinox Song: The Play's The Thing

This song was written for the upcoming Stone Creed Grove Dionysia (spring equinox) celebration, as a specific honoring of Dionysos' role in creating the theatrical tradition as we know it today.

Imbolc Song: Hearth-Fire, Heart-Fire

This song was written for Stone Creed Grove's Imbolg celebration, and makes reference to some of the aspects of the celebration and of the primary deity being honored on that day, Brighid. Specific references include:

Celtic Songs for All Seasons

I've been working on recording a bunch of my songs into what I hope will one day become my debut album. This portion of the collection is intended as suitable for ADF ritual focused on Irish hearth cultures, although many songs will work just fine for other hearth cultures, and some don't mention anything culture-specific.