Beltaine Song: Purify the Folk

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This song was written for the upcoming Stone Creed Grove Beltaine (May day) celebration, with the focus on both the Good Neighbors / Otherkin / Sidhefolk, and the practice of driving humans and cattle between fires to purify and strengthen them for the coming season.

The rhythm of this is a standard jig, common to Irish music. This beat is often used for dancing, because it has a combination of the flowing feel of groups of 3 notes, combined with the easy walking of 2 larger beats.

All works are copyright by yours truly, but may be distributed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 4.0. That means, in short, you can use them yourself and your grove, and play the song to your heart's content both in private and in public, but must give credit where credit is due, and if you're planning on selling something involving this song we need to talk about that first.

My apologies for the wheezy accordion on the recording - there's a technological problem with the instrument I have not yet had a chance to fix.


Purify the Folk

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Purify the Folk

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JacC 2 years, 8 months ago

This song is great!

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