Song: "Power" by John Hall


With the passage of Ohio's H.B. 6, bailing out unprofitable nuclear power plants at the expense of Ohio residents and renewable power subsidies, it seemed time to revive a song from the anti-nuclear movement of the late 1970's and early 1980's. John Hall's "Power" ended up among the best-known songs of the effort, and I'm proud to say that some of the activists I grew up around, including members of my family, were part of preventing further construction of nuclear fission plants by driving up the costs with both legal and illegal protests.

And while I was re-recording this, I decided to add a second verse, to emphasize a key point here: Renewables alone aren't going to save us. Nukes won't save us either, because nobody has a real plan for handling the waste. And while some new technology might come along that helps, it is unlikely it will be deployed on the scale needed to replace fossil fuels. That leaves all of us learning how to conserve power, a lot more than we are doing right now, and do more using simpler machines. And if that seems impossible, you must remember that if we could manage a millennium ago without coal or oil or "natural" gas, we can do so again.

I recognize the irony that some of the equipment I used to make this recording runs on fossil-fuel-generated electric power, and while I have a hosting provider that claims to be "green" I can't guarantee that they aren't lying. What can I say, I have a long way to go too.

In any event, here's the recording, for your listening pleasure:

Power - John Hall / Thexalon

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