Theories of Magic: The Nature of Observable Reality

Shadow Puppets

Modern Contemplation of the Runes: Fehu

Wealth be by all very much welcomed;
Each man shall deal it out freely
If he will from the chief get approval.

Sheet Music: Midsummer Hambo

This marks the beginning of yet another area you'll see on this blog: Sheet music for some of the songs I've written and performed over the years. All songs here are distributable via the terms of Creative Commons 3.0 Non-Commercial Share-Alike: In short, feel free to perform it, or modify it, or share it but if you're going to make money from it we need to talk.

Theories of Magic: Introduction, and the Atheist Challenge

Magic vs ScienceThis is the first installment of what is intended as a series on theories (or more strictly speaking, hypotheses) of magic. Theories of magic are of course distinguished from the practice of magic: The goal here is not to describe particular techniques, but rather mechanisms by which magical practices could conceivably work in our present-day industrialized and scientific culture.