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Celtic Songs for All Seasons

I've been working on recording a bunch of my songs into what I hope will one day become my debut album. This portion of the collection is intended as suitable for ADF ritual focused on Irish hearth cultures, although many songs will work just fine for other hearth cultures, and some don't mention anything culture-specific.

On Managing Compassion

We have seen this story many times: A terrible horrible no-good very-bad thing happens. People find out about it, and are around the world shocked, horrified, scared, and saddened by the terrible horrible no-good very-bad thing. The social media posts come forth: "My heart goes out to the people of _____." Profile pictures are changed to include whatever symbols have been declared to now be associated with the terrible horrible no-good very-bad thing. Thoughts and prayers are offered.

Why "Always Believe Victims of Sexual Assault" Is Deadly Dogma

This post will definitely be a departure from normal articles here. It is however something that needs to be said. Like all other articles on this site, feel free to disagree with it, but please do so respectfully.

Modern Contemplation of the Runes: Jera

JeraSummer is called joyful when the god lets
holy heaven's king, shining fruits
be born from earth for rich and poor.

Modern Contemplation of the Runes: Isa

Ice be over-cold, unmeasurably slippery;
glisteneth clear as glass, to gems likest;
a floor by frost wrought, fair to be seen.